Roof Carpentry
    this is the woodwork that supports the roof, this can be divided into two main types prefabricated trusses and traditional. Prefabricated trusses a usually used in new buildings and sometimes for restoration.  Traditional trusses are sometimes used in new buildings and generally in restoration. These are usually used where the exposed carpentry is a design feature. Oak, chestnut, douglas and pine are  all common timbers in roof construction.
    A roof is supported by the carpentry underneath, Any change of the tiles or covering on a roof may alter the load supported by the carpentry. should a different covering be used, supporting carpentry may need reinforcing.

    The characteristics of each specific material used to cover the roof determine the slope necessary to ensure a safe watertight roof. as well as most types of mechanical tiles, other clay and cement based tiles are available. in some places rough cut slates or stone slabs are used and different kinds of thatching can be found, most roofs tend to be region specific and you may be obliged to use a certain kind of covering on your roof.

A rough cut stone roof.

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